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Yap, FSM

Micronesia's Manta Paradise

Yap, FSM: Vacations


Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Scuba Diving

With its pristine reef and abundant marine life, divers travel from around the globe to visit Yap and experience it's world-class dive sites and large population of resident mantas. Diving is available for all skill levels.

Image by Ivana Cajina


Explore Yap's beautiful coastline and mangroves with a relaxing kayak trip.

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Island Tours

Tour Yap on land to explore its unique culture, villages, and incredible giant stone money.



Yap is famous for its large resident population of mantas. The sites most frequented by mantas are accessible by divers and snorkelers alike, so go ahead and bring the family.

What You Need to Know

Your Questions, Answered


Passports must be valid for 6 months beyond your final date of travel.

Departure Fee

A departure fee of $20 per person is collected at the airport prior to departing. Credit cards are accepted if the machines are working, but it's best to bring cash.

Visas Requirements

No visa is required for U.S. passport holders visiting for one year or less. Non-U.S. passport holders should research requirements for the country that issued their passport.

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