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Chuuk Travel Info

Your Questions, Answered


Passports must be valid for 6 months beyond your final date of travel.

Departure Fee

A departure fee of $40 per person is collected at the airport prior to departing. Credit cards are accepted if the machines are working, but it's best to bring cash.


A permit is required to dive in Chuuk. This is purchased on site from the tour operator and is not included in the price of tours or most packages. Chuuk Dive Permit: $50

All land in Chuuk is owned and land tours often require a small contribution of a few dollars per person to the family who's property you're visiting.

Visas Requirements

No visa is required for U.S. passport holders visiting for one year or less. Non-U.S. passport holders should research requirements for the country that issued their passport.


Dress is conservative in Chuuk. Within the resort things are more relaxed, but visitors who decide to venture out will want to throw something over the bathing suit.

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